Motor and Power Control

Motor and Power Control

Analog Devices’ motor and power control focus is on core signal chains for servos and robotics, drives, application-specific motor control, power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). A complete product portfolio is available including data converters, amplifiers, embedded processors, iCoupler® digital isolators, and power management devices. Together with model-based control support and a specialized partner network, ADI has all the hardware, software and signal processing experience needed to help simplify, differentiate and optimize system-level and applications-oriented motor and power control circuit designs.

Explore Motor and Power Control Applications

  • Standard Drives
  • Standard Drives are designed to support a broad range of industrial applications where efficient control of torque, speed and in some cases position is demanded.

  • Servos & Robotics
  • Servos & Robotics solutions are associated with attaining the highest performance and accuracy of a moving system. In most cases the end solution is a CNC or robot system that operates with high precision, and requires control of absolute position and best torque alignment.

  • Power Supplies and UPS
  • Power Supplies can benefit from digital power controllers which provide flexibility and diagnostic functions not typically found on analog power supplies.

    UPS systems represent conversions from AC to DC and DC to AC.

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